An Affordable Digital Marketing Strategy for Philippine SME’s

Better Than Your Competition, But Somehow Behind?

With all your work as a business owner, and the quality of products you have, for some reason you seem to be falling behind. Or worse, your competitor is not as good as you but they have more clients.. why is that?


There are a number of factors that may be the reason for this, but let me tell you at least one: they’re really good at marketing themselves. So, you try to look to modern Digital Marketing, maybe you’ve even made a few Facebook posts, but why won’t the customers enter your doorstep? What’s missing?


I’m sorry to tell you, but chances are.. a lot


What Are The Different Choices of Digital Marketing?

Webstrategies breaks down Digital Marketing Services to up to several distinct ways and these are:


1. Content Marketing


Content Marketing is simple, it’s basically efforts on creating appealing, interesting, and timely photos and videos that constantly tell your customers what you’re selling, and/or doing! A company must always make sure their content strategies educate consumers while delivering valuable content to their buyers.


2. Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing like in Facebook and Instagram, is one of the most common marketing strategies across SME’s in the Philippines because they are affordable and look easy. To some extent, they are! Social Media is where your market just tends to be, it’s a great place to inform people about your brand, and it’s a good place to improve customer service, etc.


Ever see a post on a page you haven’t even liked yet? Does it surprise you that you happened to search for a product recently then it shows on your Facebook Timeline? That is the work of Social Media Marketing!


3. Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is where you as a business give influencers a commission by promoting your products. This usually happens when a company has their very own website and they give influencers a voucher code, then the influencer talks about the company’s product on their blog/vlogs, then they tell the people to buy your product using their voucher code. This is how you’ll know they get are worthy of a commission from you.


4. Email Marketing


Email Marketing has been quite an old tactic for businesses to reach out to their customers. In a few steps with the right tools, you can collect customer emails and then give out newsletters to the client list you collected, inform them about promos, new products, basically everything you think they’d like to be updated about!


5. Search Engine Optimization


SEO is a lengthy process where you pay an expert SEO to build links to your website. An SEO’s goal is to bring traffic (people coming in) to your website and increase your website’s authority (credibility) in your particular field.


Think of it as someone who builds bridges all over the internet so that people can find their way to your website when they search for information through the internet, and make your company appear as a reliable product or service.


As you read this article right now, this is an effort to better Coffee Digital’s SEO.


6. Pay Per Click Ads


Pay per Click ads are simple. You pay Google more than your competitors to put your website in the top position. When someone clicks your ad, you pay Google the price you bid, the price you promise above your competitors.

Here is an example of a Pay per Click ad.


Digital Marketing Confuses Me As A Business Owner. Help.

I get it, it’s a lot to take in.. so let me filter it out for you!

Affordable Need For Your Business

Let’s start with the essential, here are a list of what every business, even in a third world country like the Philippines should invest in.


1. Content Marketing

People tend to underestimate the power of good and modern content. In the Philippines, there is a small window of opportunity that is slowly fading: You probably have a competitor with subpar photos and videos.


Invest in quality content and a brand image! There are amazing freelancers and companies like Coffee Digital who focus on giving their clients a service that’s “sulit”.


You will be surprised how talented people are in the Philippines for the right price.


2. Social Media Marketing

You probably posted a few Facebook posts in your business, and sure, that is a good start! But are you really using it to its highest potential?


Question: how many Facebook Page Likes do you have? Hundreds? Thousands? Tens of thousands?


If you have quite a lot, good for you! But, if you think that only page likes is enough to win over your local market, i regret telling you that you have a lot more to do.


First, i’d like to inform you that only a VERY small fraction of your likers will see your post, despite having thousands of them.


Did you know that Facebook has made a way that people will usually see more about their relationships rather than online businesses? First, it’s to make sure that people stay connected with their friends more, but this is also a way they can force businesses online to go for Advertising! Doesn’t that make the game harder for you? Well, like it or not, you are a player.. so play the game.


How Much Will You Spend?

Relax, Facebook Advertising is very affordable, even for smaller business owners. We personally suggest 500-1000 pesos a week on a single post, totaling to 2-4k a month. With that kind of money, you can reach 32,000-64,000 people in your area!


The question is.. HOW will you do it? That’s for another article!


If you’re on a budget, you don’t need a fancy website and a lengthy SEO process, you just need to establish a good brand on Facebook! Make sure to build great content there.


Throughout all that information, i hope i at least gave you a bit of direction on where to look! Coffee Digital has a bit more explanation on avenues you can take as a smaller business owner, and don’t be afraid to ask us, and other experts around for what moves may be right for you!


Our suggestion is simply to invest in your Branding by producing good content, then advertise on Social Media. You can do a lot more, but this is an absolute need for you if you want to keep up!


Don’t get me wrong, investing things like a website and SEO will surely help, but again, this article is for businesses on a budget and would simply like to establish their first step in online marketing!


Lance Ebol

Lance Ebol

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I simply like helping companies reinvent themselves from small local businesses to companies who fully utilize Digital Marketing and reach for more.

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