Facebook Advertising for a Realty – 4 Things a Real Estate Agent Should Know

The power of Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising is probably the only way to be seen by new customers on the platform now. Businesses shouldn’t be dependent on organic reach in this particular social network’s news feed.

Through Facebook advertising tips, you can do much better than marketers who are only focused on the “free” social media tactics and outdated methods.

According to the State of Social 2018 report by Buffer, it was found that up to 96% of businesses (big and small) have chosen to invest in Facebook ads. And a good percentage of them are focused on boosting social media ads budget in the year 2018.

Fast moving consumer products can utilize fb ads, because it’s pretty easy to look at something affordable online.

But what about selling Real Estate, a huge life decision on a Social Media platform? Is it possible? Find out! 

Do Facebook Ads Work?

Short answer. Yes.

The reason for this is Facebook has a comprehensive advanced tools that give advertisers the power to choose who they want to reach out to. It also gives good feedback as to how you can improve your campaign. Also, Facebook has the most users where you can selectively target your niche.

Do you think you can use Facebook Ads? Definitely. Facebook are affordable, effective, and here to stay

How to Use Ads?

Hold your horses, seller.

Facebook ads aren’t easy. The interface may look a bit complicated at first, there will be losses, but there will also be wins. Pull through!

It’s intended to look vast and once you get the fundamentals, you’ll be glad that it is! Facebook plans to give you the best bang for your buck as an advertiser

As stated, there are ads that are good, and some that aren’t. Unfortunately, not everyone gets it right. Get a good strategy and use effective Facebook advertising tips in order to get better returns.

With that thought, let’s learn how FB Ads work. That’s what you’re here for, isn’t it? If so, this article is for you.

Keep reading!

1. Don’t Try To Reach Everyone

To reach as many people as possible with their ad, New Facebook advertisers make is they try. While this is is okay for Fast Moving Consumer Prducts, it’s not the right approach. 

Don’t try to get everyone in your ad. Sometimes it’s a metric for Facebook to charge more.

Focus on reaching the right people. This is one of the fundamental Facebook advertising tips to keep in mind if you want to be optimal with your ads.

Reach people who are interested in the purpose of your business, what problem it solves, and want to learn more about it.

A good advice is to learn and utilize Facebook’s Audience Insights feature to get a stronger, clearer understanding of who you are targeting and why you should do so.

You’ll get a certain feel of your audience and at the same time allow you to dive into details.

Number of Reaches

Know your product’s target market. Is the developer’s project for the general public, middle class, or for the affluent?

Since there are fewer wealthier people, you should target for a lesser potential reach, unless you’ll be targeting people and wasting precious money on a fraction of the audience who can’t even afford what you sell.

If it’s affordable housing, you can go for more!

2. The Importance of a Landing Page

Okay, so you got people’s attention. Where do we go from here?

Given that when someone clicks through to your ad. Where next else can he/she see a relevant offer that adds value?

Answer for you: landing pages.

A properly constructed landing page that helps you reach your goal of converting customers. After learning about Facebook advertising tips, a landing page should not be ignored!

Advertisements without a landing page is just BAD. It’s not even worth a witty illustration.

Of course, landing pages cost money. You try to shy away from such, and that’s okay! That’s understandable. However, look at it this way. Facebook ads that aren’t converting leads at all are a waste of time. Time is costly.



When it comes to opting readers to convert interest to your content, make sure to have a goal, and know the specific templates that are used with these goals.

If you’re only looking out to generate a lead or capture your visitor’s email address, a concise reason as to why they should give you theirs with a short and easy form would be preferred.

If you want to build brands with your ads and awareness, you can write articles that are introduced by a captivating thumbnail and heading should do the trick.

Make your copy interesting and relevant so that people can spend some time on it.

Important: The time they spend on your page is definitely a metric used by Google to rate your website.


A little detail goes a long way! In a visual world like ours, design is what matters. To the more modern market, visuals are more important than ever, as more and more people are getting used to images over text. 

Relevant visual elements add to the overall flow of the landing page and make the content easy to digest.

Good and easily understood visuals also lead to lower bounce rates and better conversion rates, which makes your site better in the eyes of search engines like Google.

Colors also convince people subliminally to take action. A minimal design of a page which has colored buttons that call for an action is a big factor to influence decisions!

3. The Value of Images

See how you were skimming then suddenly stopped here

Use an image that helps your ad stand out from the rest. Using a wrong image can turn off your potential audience or worse, it may not even get noticed.

How do you make it count?

Use Text Creatively

Text matters. However, you still need to remember that Facebook loves or rather prefers ad images that contain little or no text

Facebook will notify you as you create your ad if you’re using too much text, so you’ll be guided.

Be creative and genuine. Reach out to the subconscious emotions of buyers. Perhaps a picture of a happy family, or a productive person in the workforce enjoying the amenities of his/her condo. Pictures are worth a thousand words.

Choosing a Random Stock Image

If you have the time, then you can go out there yourself and you can get the pictures that signify your message and your brand.

But let’s face it, not all of us have the time and money to do that!

Consider the stock image. High quality, lowkey, subliminal, and very modern to use! You can get good stock images from almost all activities from a site such as this one for you to use in your ads, if your Developer doesn’t usually give out quality material.


Find stock images that are better than the ones you find on a google search. Those aren’t bad, thought, but Stock images are beautifully neutral for ads to be placed on. Once again, test and learn.

Be Consistent

It’s rather obvious but let’s put it out there. You just have to make sure that the content you put out there is aligned with the image and tone that you want your brand to resonate, as you connect on an emotional level. 

If you’re a realty, it’s probably not the best idea to pick content like stock images that show fishing, or ads where various dominant colors are used. You get it.


Skills and technology need to be continuously improved. It’s human nature to aspire for more and more, and your skills have to be at par with the changes in the system. Living in a fixed world would be boring, right?


You need to keep testing different version of your ads. Trends pop up, with new ones coming more and more often. This presents you with an opportunity to distinguish yourself from your competition.

Trends, events, and other variables that happen are opportunities of growth, and Facebook is the platform to use these external factors in your ads. People respond to modern businesses that are witty, as this gives consumers a sense that the business is “updated”. No one likes outdated boring orthodox tactics.


If you really wanna learn and get better, you can do so by carrying out extensive testing by setting aside a test budget, so that you can compare multiple ad variations to find out which one’s working the best for you. 

Keep testing and learning!

4. Video Ads

But.. Videos are a hassle.

Facebook is giving immense importance to video ads. If you are not leveraging video, you are leaving money on the table.

The reason why Facebook is giving weight to video content is users are watching more videos as much as 100 million hours every single day!

When it comes to social advertising, Facebook videos are not only budget friendly but also have a better reach and engagement. At this point in time, people would rather just watch something than read. Entertainment and informative posts, alike.

Your video ad on Facebook needs to be interesting. It has to grab the attention of the viewer in the first 3-4 seconds to make an impact. 

Make sure to pay attention to the first few seconds of your vid. You need to own attention in the first 2 seconds!


Know the colors of your niche. Are you offering professional services? How can you mix logic and creativity in your approach? What is usually the standard used, and how can you add your own flavor?

It’s all about visual appeal with the right amount of text. That, and learning how to refine your style. Today’s market belongs to those who can capture attention.

Making ads, especially in a competitive niche like Real Estate is hard, but it’s all an exciting journey. When you get that commission, all the troubles would have been worth it, and you’d attain a new skill that distinguishes you from the competition.


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