Should Businesses in Cavite Invest in Digital Marketing?

Some Cavite Background

Bacoor has always been the next best place to settle in, because it is positioned nearby the flourishing Metro Manila, while being close to the have cool and natural reach to Tagaytay for the occassional getaway, and giving Cavite a unique position to be very versatile in business themes.

Businesses here are still sprouts when it comes to modernity, and Cavite is still considered a provice.. but is that all changing soon?


Metro Manila

With recent developments in infrastructure, tourism, and growing attention of the country, Metro Manila has boomed in various industries where there is a noticeable saturation in their cities, especially in areas where both work and play mix together such as Makati, and BGC Taguig.

The Filipino truly sees the opportunities in Metro Manila, but few want to often visit such a hectic place as the traffic in both the drive in the commute is mind-numbing, and the rising living costs of the Metro is.. not ideal.


The shift towards Cavite

Seeing that Makati, Taguig, and Manila is very popular for the work-force, followed by the recent developments in Pasay, Cavite development has been been flourishing inspired by the developments in the south, opening doors for businesses!

CaviteX, a highway bridge that connects Paranaque and Cavite City is also now opened.

With development comes access and this soon leads to opportunities for businesses in Cavite, given the sudden cost-cuts in logistics from the travel, and the growing popularity of Bacoor as the next target for business development in the Philippines. Also, the rising Metro Manila rates are starting to get annoying, aren’t they?

People and Technology

Filipinos are now becoming more and more technologically inclined, and Digital Marketing is a rising weapon that is used by ambitious business owners. Given our office position at Bacoor, we are citizens of Cavite and we can say that majority of businesses have yet to grab opportunities in Digital Marketing, leaving opportunities for those who are smart enough to claim it.

There is also the Millennial factor, where more and more technologically inclined people are influenced by the internet more and more regarding their decisions.. and purchases!

Popular and Affordable Digital Marketing Strategies for Smaller Businesses


Social Media Marketing

Facebook and Instagram are one of the most popular channels where Filipinos spend their time, and it is here where you and other business owners can boost your ads (business page posts), as regular people do not really mind advertisements when they can just continue scrolling. Do however, make sure to use quality pictures and not just some 15k smartphone!

However, the smarter choice is to go seek help from professionals who make it their mission to target advertisements to people who actually want to see your ads. Ever wonder why the ads you see are often the things you looked up recently in Lazada or Shoppee? Targeted ads are the reason and you can use this for your business!

Google Advertising

Google Ads are ideal for people with a little more budget in their hands, as people have their websites made, then Pay Per Click ads are usually the avenues they also take along with Social Media Marketing. How it works is simple. When someone clicks your ad, you pay Google! Scary, but when you get it right, your ROI will be sure to make it all go away!



With the plateau, saturation, and rising costs of Metro Manila causing the slow but sure shift towards Cavite, and the growing influence of technology in people’s life-decisions (and purchases), we can expect that Cavite is next in line as a city to flourish and with that comes more opportunities for YOU as a business owner.

With the power of smart, affordable, and flexible plans in digital marketing, and the generous allocation of funds towards your online presence, you will be sure to dominate your currently passive competitors. Be ahead and go beyond.

The best time to invest in your Digital Presence was yesterday, the second best time is now.

Lance Ebol

Lance Ebol

Founder & CEO

I have graduated from of De La Salle University – Manila’s Business Management program at October of 2017, yet i am even more proud of self-studying an essential part of modern business, Digital Marketing.


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