12 Ways You Can Boost Your Social Media Organic Reach

In-depth article ahead!

What comes into your mind when you think about Social Media Organic Reach? We’re sure that a good fraction of the people already know what that is. But do you know how to maximize it and how it works?

A bigger question: why do YOUR posts tend to reach a very small percentage compared to your page’s likes?

After this article, you will have a clearer understanding as to why your organic reach is low, and what you can do about it.

Why is your social media organic reach so low?

You don’t have to think that something is wrong with you. Even if you ask everyone you know who manages a page, social media organic reach is going down faster than ever before.

You may think that Social Media platforms are forcing you to monetize, and you’re partly right! Businesses need income, and to be frank, social media platforms are businesses as well.

Does that mean that it’s pointless? Of course not!

Here’s something you don’t read everyday: your posts just aren’t engaging enough.

This is not a discouragement but an opportunity for you, but an opportunity to start over. Social Media is a place where you can be personable, no matter what business you are.

Take a look at Ligo Sardines. They’re sardines. Let that sink in.

This proves that you can be personable no matter what, and it’s very likely that you can too.

You don’t even have to be funny, in some cases. You can choose to take the infographic or targetted route where you market content that’s fit for people interested in your space.

Why you have to consider this

Like Google, Social Media Platforms are starting to go towards the direction of showing content people want to see. That’s it. They’re caring less (or if they even care at all) about other content.

Here’s a tip: platforms like Facebook will only show content to 1%-2.8% of your followers, but if people find it engaging, they start showing it to more.

This is why memes and “funny” pages seem to have all the attention. They’re what people want to see.

Let us ask you this. Do you know someone popular who has ZERO attributes? Like there’s absolutely nothing special about them at all? Chances are, you don’t.

SEO in both Social Media and Search Engines have evolved to such a point where they can detect posts that people find interesting, and naturally, being information providers, they want to give out the best content.

So again, is it too late for you? Definitely not! But, you better start trying harder.

1. Know Your Customer

Don’t just assume you need to have a presence everywhere, and don’t assume everyone is your ideal customer, especially if you’re a B2C business. You really need to know what your customer does online, where they hang out, and where they search their information.

The logic is this: if you’re selling a telecommunications contractor, then Facebook Marketing probably isn’t the best start for you.

Answer these questions:

  • How old is your ideal customer(s)? 
  • Where do they live?
  • What is their typical economic class?
  • Where do they spend their time relaxing online?
  • How do they look for your kind of products?
  • Who are the famous sources of information in your space?

Choose a network to focus on, ideally where your ideal customers are abundant. If you’re a professional, then perhaps try LinkedIn.

If you sell food, Instagram is growing to be a suitable platform for posting lifestyle content.

Check out how to build a Customer Persona here!

Ask People You Know

We’re sure you know people from all age groups and walks of life. From the people you know, choose your ideal customer and do a quick survey of what they’d want to see from people like you!

We’re sure that if you ask 10-20 people, you’ll be enlightened or reassured whether you’re on the right track.

Look at Insights

Your social media platforms have an Insights tool. Try to figure out which platforms you perform best at. This will give you a hint where to prioritize your posts.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to Digital Marketing. You have to go and find the answers out yourself.

Check What Others Are Doing

Analyze what other people in your space are doing. Do they aggressively advertise? Do they do graphic designs? Do they do lifestyle shots?

This will give you a hint on what works and what doesn’t. Hopefully, this will also give you a clue on how to one-up your competitors! 

The key is doing more and doing it better.

2. Make Sure Your Social Media info is complete

As search in Social Media gets better and better, you have to prepare optimizing your content and information accordingly.

We may never know how complex social media platforms have already been through to improve their search engines, but we’re sure that continuously refining their signals to rank the best content.

What you can do is prepare on your side. 

  • Make sure your industry category is complete
  • you have linked to your website, that your phone number is correct, 

Do not think that SEO only applies to websites. Remember that everywhere you go, people search for information, including Social Media. Ask yourself.. Will they see you, or your competitor?

Also, it is best to try to make sure that you apply brand colors almost always. This opens up your business towards long-term assets like visual recognition from your customers!

3. Great and Natural Content

There is a saying when it comes to Digital Marketers, that “Content is King.” This is truly the case! Think about it, what usually makes a good hit or a famous business page? It’s the ones who make an effort to tend to their audience!

Tell people what you’re all about! 

Don’t be afraid to share how you see your business, the problems you solve, the voice you want to convey, etc. You are the company you run, and it’s time you tell the world who you are.

No matter what industry you’re in or how boring your products may seem, good content creators will always find a way to make themselves look interesting!

4. Work smarter, not harder

DO NOT POST 10 TIMES A DAY. Even Jollibee posts around 3-5 posts a day, and that’s because they’re allowed to. Businesses with smaller followings (1 Million or below) is recommended to post only once a day, maybe 2 max (not everyday).

Always remember, posting more is NOT the answer.

Always gear yourself to focus on posting amazing quality content just as how you would talk to a normal person. Online or personal, people will always distinguish half-assed (pardon our language) messages.

Be genuine for your followers and especially for your brand, because people will know.

Social media is literally the place you can be social and figure out what makes your brand tick! People will always respond to natural content. 

You may not be a hit at first, but keep going! Eventually we’re sure that given the right amount of content and smart effort, you will be authoritative in your space, and you’ll establish Social Branding soon enough!

The goal is to be social and to be remembered.


  • Quality of posts > Quantity of posts.
  • Post content as if you’re talking to people.
  • Be genuine
  • Brand yourself

5. Use targeting to maximize organic potential

You know that you can target advertisements, but did you know that you can target Social Media Organic Reach? That’s pretty amazing, right? By just simply adjusting the settings of your content, you can now narrow down your posts on more notable followers on your page!

You can only hit around 1-2.8% of your followers, so why not make it count?

However do be warned: targeting may vary across your platforms, but if done right, you will definitely improve your awareness towards more important and qualified followers!

Here’s an article on how to do organic post targeting!

Organic Post Targeting (May 2020)

  • Gender
  • Relationship
  • Status
  • Education level
  • Age
  • Location
  • Language
  • Interests
  • Post end date

You can also target your posts using a theme that different age groups respond to! You’d be surprised how modern or nostalgic you can be towards your target audience. Surprisingly, not everyone does it! 

6. Insights Will Tell You

Go into your page, and find out where your Insight tool is. Every Social Media Platform has one, but for our case, let’s take a look at this Facebook Analytics tutorial! 

Facebook Analytics is a great way to keep track of your followers, the time that they’re active, or simply take a look at how your page is performing.

  • You can know how many likes your page had (up to 28 days)
  • Engagements you had
  • Post Reach
  • Messages started

And much more valuable information!

7. Figure Out When to Post

Using Insights, we’re sure you’ll eventually find out when your viewers are online. Now it’s time for you to schedule your posts. Are you waiting to post on the peak hours?

Guess what, your competitors are doing the same thing!

This is not to say that posting on peak hours is bad, but you need to determine the pro’s and con’s of scheduling your posts.

A benefit of posting on peak hours is that if you’re influential (tons of followers), you can definitely get some good social media organic reach as you compete for attention on times people are online.

However, there is also an opportunity to be the only one, and that’s to post on slower hours! 

Take that into consideration and test it out yourself!

8. Figure Out What Content Should You Produce

HubSpot created a study with around 3,000 people and asked them what content they would best respond to. Here is the content that your viewers want!

The results say that people want more and more videos, and who can blame them? People will stop to look or glimpse, or even remotely slow down over anything that moves on their social media.

However, videos are NOT the only answer. It’s wrong to just assume that it’s the only way to go. However given this data, we believe that you should look into it!

Believe it or not, people actually respond to “well-conceived” infographic posts!

The trend lately is either to be funny, or be interesting. So when you create your content, choose a side and nail it!

For Social Media Organic Reach, take a look at this study done by Social Bakers

That’s the gap of Videos to Photos. Again, Photos should not be ignored, and we acknowledge that creating videos is much harder.

Again, figure out how you’re going to put in the time for your page! We believe your posts should vary between all of them.

If you can post more photos and barely have access to video editing, then go for it! Make all the quality posts you can with your photos! Lifestyle photography has been becoming a trend so look into that as well!

You can even go as far as promote products or services beyond but related to your company, like us promoting these studies done by someone else!

As you experiment, do not forget to keep track of your Facebook Insights to see how well your output is received!

9. Don’t Be Shy to Share Your Profile! 

You have a business and your should be proud of yourself for being so brave. Particularly, if you have a new site, you should promote it everywhere and let people know who you are! 

To an extent, we believe in:

There is no such thing as bad publicity”

Offline, don’t forget to show your name out there to as many marketing materials as you can. Social Media is the place you can tell people who you are, so why not lead people to you?

10. Know Redundancy

We believe that you have a good sense when something is too much, and we know that you know that too much can be bad.

This pairs well with our advice on #8, that you should mix it up! 

People will easily get bored of you if you just keep posting your product and apply a “hard sell”. Worse, you can even lose followers this way!

Try to keep people off their feet. We know that’s much easier said than done, but it’s the game you’re at.

Again imagine that your business is a person. If a person only keeps saying the same stories about their achievements or what they have, wouldn’t you get bored of that person quickly? Anyone would!

11. Remember, You Provide Solutions

If you’re too social, try to post something that makes people think. If you only post your product, post about how recent customers are happy with your solution.

Aside from avoiding Redundancy, a good guideline of things you can post is what problem you solve!

This article stated that a good ratio of posts you can apply is an 80/20 balance.

Simply “hard-selling” your product and throwing it out there sure is tempting (and much easier), but again, we think you can hit two birds with one stone by posting more about the solutions that you answer.

It even has the opportunity to create demand!

If i, the author, can be a little personal, i believe the first moment i was impressed with Marketing is when i was a kid watching the Home Shopping Channel. It is here where i saw a very sharp knife named Miracle Blade 3.

We definitely have a kitchen knife already, but when the chef started sliding the knife through the tomatoes, my mother was impressed and immediately ordered!

That’s simply the solution: it slices ingredients like butter. We didn’t even think we needed a sharper knife.

I bet, if we only saw a knife with a price tag, i’d probably not remember it a decade later.

Sell the solution, not the product!

12. Tend to Your Followers

A good example is in the Philippines, where Live-selling is a hit. Basically, Live in general. Why? Because it’s interactive and personal! 

We won’t really bore you with the details because it’s been an abundant article and we’re sure you know what it means to interact with your followers.

Simply bond and maybe try to conversate with your followers if you can! You’re simply talking to people as a person(able business).


Simply try to understand the content that people want, and mix your own voice when it comes to it! Remember to balance your posts more on the problem you solve rather than the “hard-sell”. 

No one is interested in someone who just wants to sell.

It’s not recommended to go with your gut feeling (until you prove you actually know what people want), so listen to your Analytics well.


After you understand what your audience wants, try to one-up the competition by adding your own twists! 

Remember, Social Media is the place you can be social. Post content as if you’re actually talking to people, because you are.

If you have questions or need help with your Digital Marketing, be sure to check out our company,

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