What is the use of Conversions API?

Be early with Conversions API against the anticipated cookiegeddon.

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Conversions API addresses the need for privacy has been more apparent in 2020 and beyond.

Today digital advertising is powered by data which lets billions of users experience messages from brands that are personal to them. 4.5 billion active internet users have various interests and each of them want to see ads that are exactly for them.

People have been so accustomed to tailored experiences, and this needs to reflect on the ads they see.

91% of users even prefer shopping online from Brands that promote relevant offers and recommendations to them

Here comes the shift..

There are shifts that are happening that are impacting both consumers and advertisers.

97% are also concerned in protecting their personal data and want to protect it.

Regulators of tech companies are helping to preserve the privacy of its users in order to keep expectations from consumers. Data protection continues to evolve and impact the way that advertisers collect and process data.

The most apparent change is that Browsers are changing policies in cookies making web interactions hard to measure.

In 2022, Facebook is expecting that the industry would be hit the hardest when browsers limits the efficacy of Cookies

Basically, without the data that is captured by the cookies through the browser, advertisers will find it hard:

  • to target the right people
  • deliver relevant ads
  • optimize towards conversions
  • accurately measure/report on campaign results

This will lead to higher customer-acquisition costs.

Enter Conversions API

Businesses have to find reliable ways that would help in the coming changes, and one of those is Conversions API.

It helps in surfacing data and also protects preserve and protect people’s privacy choices

It is all about sharing data from consumers (gathered with consent) directy from the server rather than through the browser.

The ultimate goal here is to still target people with your advertisement’s message.

Regular Pixel Event

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With Conversions API

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Is Conversions API a replacement for Facebook Pixel?

No. Think of it this way, Conversions API is a back-up for maintaining the effectiveness of gathering data, therefore, maintaining effectivity of running ads.

The Facebook pixel gathers data from the Browser, while Conversions API gathers data via the server.

They reinforce one another.

Benefits of Conversions API

Discrete Data Control

Similar to other Facebook Business Tools, you can control the data you share and when you share it.

Advertisers can choose to append insights such as product margins discreetly or include historical information like customer value scores.

Reliable Data Sharing

Data sharing may be more reliable than browser-based methods as it’s designed to be less susceptible to issues like a “browser crash” or connectivity issues.

Strengthen how you share data with Facebook.

Full-funnel Visibility

Advertisers can use a wider array of data to inform their advertising that is currently captured by the Facebook Pixel like CRM data, lower funnel events like qualified leads, or multi-site conversion paths.

More insights into the people who matter to your business.


Conversions API is a new tool created by Facebook for advertisers to maintain their effectiveness in bringing relevant advertising experiences for consumers.

It’s still at its early phases, and is still being improved to be easily installed. Currently it’s installed in a different manner than Facbeook Pixels.

Lastly, it is not announced to be a replacement for the Facebook Pixel, but a backup in gathering data for customized advertising experiences.

For more information about Conversions API, you may refer to its Facebook Guide.

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